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  • Alluring Tropical Bouquet
    Dendrobium Orchids and stunning Ginger are extravagantly complimented by Green Anthurium for an incredible effect. This amazing tropical arrangement will get your special recipient's attention. A wonderful way to celebrate an Anniversary, Birthday or to send your Thanks and Appreciation. Style of..
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  • Grand Gesture Bouquet
    A unique take on the traditional topiary, this modern arrangement of graceful calla lilies among tropical leaves is a grand gesture indeed. Presented in a low dish, it's both soft and strong - perfect for women and men alike. Two white calla lilies are mixed with kale, aspidistra and pittisporum.&nb..
    $125.00 Delivered!
  • Hawaiian Bliss Bouquet
    A wonderful way to say Happy Father's Day. This stylish tropical arrangement will make Dad imagine himself relaxing on the sands of Hawaii.  Style of vase may vary. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and accents may vary. Substitutions may be necessary due to seasonal a..
    $159.00 Delivered!
  • Imagination Blooms Bouquet
    This composition of pink lilies, pink orchids and pink roses is memorably tranquil. A modern, square black dish is filled with just the right number of Zen tropical flowers, grasses and leaves. Peaceful pink flowers such as asiatic lilies, roses and cymbidium orchids are presented with variegated ti..
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  • Island Blooms Bouquet
    Bring a tropical island home to the recipient, where fragrant roses bloom beside orchids. The rich colours of this magnificent arrangement will bring the warm colours of the topics home to someone special. Send one today! Style of vase may vary. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties..
    $129.00 Delivered!
  • Now and Zen Bouquet
    Unusual elements including pink ginger, green artichoke, river cane and green anthuriums make this Asian-inspired Now and Zen arrangement especially eye-catching. The tall, serene sculpture is presented in a dark wooden box for a very Zen effect. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties a..
    $134.95 Delivered!
  • Pacific Paradise Bouquet
    A stunning display of ginger and anthuriums that will whisk your special recipient off to the sunny tropics. Sophisticated styling all perfectly arranged to create a display of beauty. Style of vase may vary. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and accents may vary. Substitut..
    $147.95 Delivered!
  • Purple Orchid Plant
    Send Zen. A graceful purple phalaenopsis orchid plant potted in a modern container is an enchanting and elegant gift for any occasion. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and container may vary.    ..
    $69.95 Delivered!
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  • Secret Oasis Bouquet
    Give the gift of serenity with this lovely arrangement of orchids, lilies and artistic greenery stunningly presented in a chic dish. An enchanting touch of Shangri-La for home, office or anywhere that could use the blessed gift of peace. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and contai..
    $125.00 Delivered!
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  • Sunset Glow Bouquet
    Exotic tropical flowers and greenery in all the colours of the sunset reach to the sky in this spectacular arrangement of living art elements, including anthurium, succulents, ginger and more in bright colours.  A fun and long-lasting display. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties..
    $149.95 Delivered!
  • Touch of the Tropics Bouquet
    This arrangement captures everyone's attention with it's modern sophistication. Shampoo ginger takes center stage in this arrangement. Accented with lush tropical leaves this bouquet is a wonderful way to say thank you or to wish them congratulations. Style of vase may vary. To ensure the best..
    $145.95 Delivered!
  • Tropical Artistry Bouquet
    Orchids, Roses, Rainbow Equisetum and elegantly understated green accents blend together magnificently in this stylish and distinctively artistic floral design presented in a trendy onyx dish.  Style of vase may vary. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and accents may vary.&..
    $89.95 Delivered!
  • Tropical Bliss Bouquet
    Escape to tropical bliss with this stunning, sculptural presentation. Sun-kissed lilies, tropical red ti leaves and eye-catching red ginger are mixed with other colorful flowers and leaves in a decorative bamboo planter. Dark red roses, orange asiatic lilies, green leucadendron, red ginger and yello..
    $129.95 Delivered!
  • Vision Orchid Bouquet
    A simple spectacle of beauty and fresh colour, this bouquet of Cymbidium Orchids is the perfect way to convey your every emotion. Elegant Green Cymbidium Orchids, known for their longevity and stunning sophistication are arranged with lush tropical greens to create this exceptional arrangement. This..
    $204.95 Delivered!
  • Zen Artistry Bouquet
    It's artistic arrangements like this one that make flowers such an integral and beautiful ingredient in feng shui. The exotic palm leaf provide the perfect backdrop for purple orchids and a mix of delightful tropical flowers. This gift takes artistry to new heights. Perfect when you've got a yen to ..
    $89.95 Delivered!
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