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Flowering Plants

Blooming plants are a great option that offers the same beautiful blooms of a bouquet, but lasting much longer. Bright, blooming plants that are simple and classic, regardless of the season. They are ideal for anyone and sure to deliver smiles for any occasion. 

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  • Anthurium Plant (indoors)
    This beautiful Anthurium plant will bring beauty to any romm with it's lush green foliage and large glossy red blooms. Style of container may vary. PLEASE NOTE: Substitutions may be necessary due to seasonal availability of plant. May not be available in all areas/regions. ..
    $59.95 Delivered!
  • Azalea Plant
    With clusters of pink flowers and lovely evergreen leaves, this blooming Azalea plant really blossoms. The perfect bit of cheer for home or office. This beautiful potted plant displays the delicate flowers that have made azaleas the perennially popular pink houseplants they are today. Safe for kids,..
    $59.95 Delivered!
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  • Calla Lily Plant - 6"
    Send a positive affirmation of peace and serenity with this graceful, gorgeous blooming plant. A Cally Lily plant displays its beautiful blooms to create a gift that brings a quiet sophistication and charm to any environment. To ensure the best arrangement, plant color, accents and container may ..
    $69.95 Delivered!
  • Cyclamen Plant
    This elegant plant with its upswept petals and beautiful green leaves, produces a whole succession of flowers over a long period, offering that special someone a whole succession of smiles. To ensure the best arrangement, flower color and container may vary.  ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO THIS..
    $59.95 Delivered!
  • Mum Plant
    Fall mums in a terra-cotta pot. Does it get any sweeter than that? Send the beauty of fall someone's way with this long-lasting gift of a chrysanthemum plant. This houseplant is equally at home in a sunny windown or outside, cheering up the front porch. Style of container may vary. Colour of p..
    $45.95 Delivered!
  • Purple Orchid Plant
    Send Zen. A graceful purple phalaenopsis orchid plant potted in a modern container is an enchanting and elegant gift for any occasion. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and container may vary.    ..
    $69.95 Delivered!
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Secret Garden Basket
    Imagine walking into a secret fern grotto. This lush garden arrangement features the delicate fronds of ferns mixed with colorful kalanchoe and pink hypoestes. It's a casual gift basket that brings the natural serenity of the outdoors into any room of the home or office.  Like their own secret ..
    $79.95 Delivered!