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Green Plants

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  • Croton Plant - 10"
    Not your typical houseplant!  With its bright tropical foliage, exotic appearance and Asian-inspired square planter, this potted croton plant is an eye-catching natural addition to any room. Basket/container may vary. ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO THIS GIFT  (see Related Products tab abov..
    $89.95 Delivered!
  • Dieffenbachia Plant - 10"
    Large, lovely leaves and a low-maintenance personality make the dieffenbachia a popular houseplant in homes and offices. The easy-to-care-for floor plant features colorful leaves in various shades of green that freshen up any corner. A great gift to send to the office!  Basket/container may ..
    $89.95 Delivered!
  • Emerald Garden Basket
    The gift of greenery! Sure to freshen up any room of the home or office, this delightful assortment of potted houseplants is presented in a gift basket with a handle. A strong choice for men. To ensure the best arrangement, flower varieties and accents may vary. Substitutions may be necessar..
    $89.95 Delivered!
  • Ficus Plant - 10"
    Want to add a beautiful rich green color to a home or office? This impressive ficus bush will really fill any room or corner with some life. Basket/container may vary. ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO THIS GIFT  (see Related Products tab above).   ..
    $79.95 Delivered!
  • Living Spirit Garden
    The Living Spirit Garden is a wonderful display of our finest plants to honor the life of your loved one. Various green plants are lush and lovely accented with stems of Peruvian Lilies.  This garden will convey your most heartfelt sympathy while offering hope for brighter days ahead. To ens..
    $86.95 Delivered!
  • Money Tree Plant
    Harmonize the five elements within a space, bring good fortune and prosperity, and improve the flow of "chi" with a money tree! The money tree - or Pachira - is thought to bring good luck, and is a thoughtful gift for any home or office. Basket/container may vary. ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO THIS..
    $74.95 Delivered!
  • Peace Lily Plant - 10"
    An elegant gift representing peace and beauty, this easy-to-care-for plant with its shiny dark green leaves and long lasting white flowers is always an appreciated tribute.  10" plant Approx. 40" W x 50" H. Basket/container may vary. ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO THIS GIFT  (see Related P..
    $79.95 Delivered!
  • Peace Lily Plant - 8"
    The peace lily with its dark green leaves and delicate white blossoms makes a simply elegant gift.  There's nothing small about the sentiment delivered along with this pretty plant. A brilliant green spathiphyllum is delivered in a natural wicker basket.  Basket may vary. ADD SOMETHI..
    $69.95 Delivered!
  • Secret Garden Basket
    Imagine walking into a secret fern grotto. This lush garden arrangement features the delicate fronds of ferns mixed with colorful kalanchoe and pink hypoestes. It's a casual gift basket that brings the natural serenity of the outdoors into any room of the home or office.  Like their own secret ..
    $79.95 Delivered!